She watches TV constantly.

The car is on the street.

Anna didn't know Presley had a boyfriend.

Could somebody please introduce me to Ji?

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Our chef is very busy today.

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I cannot keep up the pace.


He kept the secret to himself.

He died a sad death.

Ragnar doesn't want to get married.


What do they want from us?

My father has five brothers and sisters.

Will you be at home this afternoon?


Phil was impolite.

Please tell me where to go next.

You kept nodding off during that lecture, didn't you?

Are you back from Japan?

Everything has got its time.

Facebook has a lot of data about you.

We need some answers.

Buses in the country don't usually come on time.

That is your reasoning.

Why is this bird called a robin redbreast?

Many houses were damaged beyond repair in the flood.


I have read that story in some book.

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Anthony doesn't know where Gabriel usually goes shopping.


French is no longer as relevant in the modern world as it used to be a few centuries ago.

Why don't you talk to them?

We can build a wall with bricks and mortar.


Nevertheless, devout conversation on spiritual things helps no little with spiritual progress.

It is little short of lunacy to try it.

God is my leader, and my sword is my companion.

Do you think it's wise to wear your uniform today?

I want to beat him.


He frankly expressed his own view.

I think exams are ruining education.

I swam two pool lengths.

Anything you could do in support of their effort would be very much appreciated.

That snake is poisonous.

They did warn her.

Did Sedovic actually tell you that?

I was thinking about going to Boston next month.

Of course, I remember Markus.

When can we move in?

I know Kent says he doesn't like me.


Did you get the eggs?

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His daughter grew to be a beautiful woman.

One way to lower the number of errors in the Tatoeba Corpus would be to encourage people to only translate into their native languages instead of the other way around.

When I heard the news on the radio, a chill ran down my spine.

My name's Murray, too.

I had a lot of money, but spent everything.


I don't speak Lojban.

Would you mind if I shut the window? I have a slight cold.

He is afraid of Father.


Anthony isn't going to mind.

Spock would've won easily.

It's just as I hoped it would be.

I knew you weren't OK with that.

According to what I heard, he went over to the United States to study biology.

Delbert renovated a house.

What is the good of doing it?

I never imagined we'd end up like this.

Let's turn back to the third lesson.

I'm going to Boston on Monday.

I should be on my way.

Would you mind if I sleep here tonight?

You weren't kidding.

Bill, answer the door.

She recollected the first day when she went to school.

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I can't believe you still trust Devon.

How dare you behave like that!

A bee is buzzing around.

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The engine came back to life.

Clayton said he didn't want to live in Boston anymore.

Jimmy would like to have stayed for dinner, but he had to go back to work.

He lay at full length on the grass.

She matched the description.


I'm sorry I was so rude to your sister.


Bring something to drink.

The policemen searched one house after another in looking for the thief.

This tastes like passion fruit.

Back then it was different.

Get out of my kitchen.

Have you ever dedicated a song to the orphans?

Kitty can't work.

I'm happy you're happy.

It follows from what you say that he was not there.

The waterworks is located not far from my home.

I don't want to make a big deal out of this.

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How could she have known?

I wish Mikey had been here today.

Please open the package.

I like him, but at the same time I don't really trust him.

The test was rather difficult.

I have more time, and less money than ever.

I enjoy that show.


We should be talking to her.


He is a lion at home and a mouse outside.


Audrey wants to live in the country.

I have to get you out of here.

You're a true friend.

Dozens were jailed.

My feet are numb.


Erick had no idea where Dominic had graduated from high school.

I watched the basketball game on TV.

The barber gave James a mohawk.

Get these folks some drinks.

He just ate. I'm always eating.

The dumbest farmers have the biggest potatoes.

Werner was in Boston all last month.

You've traded bad for worse.

You always have to have the last word, don't you?

Do you still have time?

The plane was blown up by hijackers.

Golf is the sport that I don't like.

He shouldn't have blown a fuse.


Simon remains in custody.

That's not standard English pronunciation.

This grass is too wet to sit on.

The holiday was up very quickly.

Nowadays the young take no care of the old.


He never thinks about him.

What qualities do you most admire in Donne?

He is in the hospital at present.

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What makes you think I'll like it?


His autobiography was released today and was sold out by noon.

Give us a call.

Dorothy was here first.

Look at the guys around you.

Elevens have to be timed well in craps.


Did you bring this home?

We aren't right or left because we are valenki.

How much does it really matter?

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Should I try to talk to him?


How long will Jacob have to be in the hospital?

A great flight of rooks passed silently over their heads.

She won't conform to the town's social patterns.

Has Fred ever eaten at this restaurant?

I can't ask Antonio to quit.

The dressmaker took Root's measurements.

I cannot dye my hair. My mother would kill me!

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I don't think even Benson could do that.


You must have thought of something.


I played hooky from school today and went skateboarding.

Give us something to work on.

His comment was concise and to the point.

Each man's pay will be in proportion to his work.

Police caught the criminals.

God is always right.

We've made a mistake.


Something just occurred to me.

Are you exaggerating?

Jennie wanted to talk to Michiel again.

Those can't use it.

Today I decided to learn Esperanto.

He has written two books.

You might as well go home.

I asked her to unlock the door.

She caught her breath.

You know I have to go.

He's always joking.

He loves the son.

He gave the barking dog a vicious kick.


Celeste could do nothing but watch.

did you enjoy your sunday?

Though young, he had to support his large family.